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Championing disability rights 360°

Investing in the technology necessary to overcome disability means investing in the whole community, championing the rights of disabled people throughout the Italian and European territory. SIDEM (Integrated System for the Disabled and their Mobility) works with this in mind, itisan online service platform for public administrations and people with disabilities.

What is SIDEM?

SIDEM isan integrated system which uses an interface optimised for the web and mobile devices with the purpose of giving local authorities and their citizens a range of services which simplify and optimise the communication processes between public administration and people with disabilities, including the treatment of personal data. The availability of a range ofdataand information on the opportunity for people with disabilities to access this allows for the delivery of innovative services, organised in three specific areas of service – disabled pass, designated car parks for people with disabilities, and restricted access areas (known asZTL). These allow for mobility and social inclusion of those who live with a disability and champion the rights and autonomy of disabled citizens, helping the local administrative authorities in overcoming the obstacles and problems in accessing services:
-services for public administrations
-services for citizens





How dowe take part?

In order to gain access to the SIDEM platform the local administrative authority needs tosubscribe to the CUDE Public Register and activate the desired SIDEM services.

f the local administrative authority decides to activate the SIDEM services for public administrations, they will be supplied with the chosen hardware and software equipment which have been put together to facilitate the work ofdepartments andof the local police in matters of mobility of people with disabilities.

If the local administrative authority decides to activate SIDEM services for citizens, local disabled people will be able to access the service with credentials supplied by the local administrative authority.

Europe requires it

Among the priorities of the European Strategy for Disabilities (2010-2020) there is the elimination of obstacles which forbid the full exercise of disable people’s rights andofdisabled people’s mobility, promoting the use of the European model of a card to allow people with disabilities to park their car. Based on these directives, all public administrations are required to favour policies geared to the improvement of disabled people’s ability to travel, by using new services and optimising checks by the local police.

The new SIDEM platform gives local authorities and the local police a chance to manage and control the frequent problems related to the use of expired or photocopied parking cards for disabled people, or passes which belonged to deceased people, which are sometimes used to illegally park in designated disabled car parks.

Thanks to SIDEM, movement within restricted access areas (where vehicle access isrestricted) is also guaranteed to every disabled pass holder, so they donot risk being fined.


SIDEM is a platform which was planned and enacted by Faticoni Spa,in collaboration with three valuable partners: ANCI (National Association of Italian local Authorities) Sardinia, the association ANGLAT (National Association Guide to Handicapped Transportation Legislation) and the Association RP Sardegna (for people with sight disabilities).

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Project financed by POR FESR 2007-2013 funds – Call: “Servizi per l’innovazione”