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As part of the “smart city” objective, it has become important to remove the obstacles which limit access, mobility, and social inclusion of disabled people throughout European countries. Nowadays, public administrations are called upon to favour social policies which can guarantee better movement for people with disabilities, rooting out problems connected with the illegal use of parking cards for disabled people and simplifying access procedures to restricted access areas (areas where vehicle access is restricted), preventing fines in cases where a person with disabilities travels in these areas. The services in the SIDEM platform constitute a valid aid to promote innovative policies in the field of disability to champion and promote rights and equal opportunities for all. By subscribing to the CUDE Public Register, you can activate the following SIDEM services for public administrations and the SIDEM services for Citizens.

APP Control

How often are Local Police officers unable to check the disabled parking cards displayed on a car because it is not entirely visible or it has been issued by another local administrative authority? Activating the disabled pass check by app, Local Police officers will be able to check the disabled parking cards on the road in real time, with a click. Using a smartphone or tablet app connected to the CUDE Public Register and to a microchip controller device which reads the RFID microchips, police officers can check the data on the disabled pass and the authenticity of the document. The checks will be faster and most of all more effective, as they will allow for quick identification of photocopied or expired passes, or passes belonging to deceased people; they will also make it possible to check passes issued in other municipalities.

Interactive sign to check disabled car parking spaces.

The illegal occupation of disabled car parks is a problem that citizens feel deeply upon which it is often difficult to act. Thanks to SIDEM the local administrative authority can acquire a dissuasion system for the illegal occupation of disabled car parks which takes the form of an interactive notice board. It is easy to install and provides a control system which allows the disabled person to claim their right to the parking spot by reporting the cars that are illegally occupying the disabled car park by using the SOS function on the SIDEM app. The notice board verifies whether the car park is in fact occupied by using sensors and, if the outcome is positive, illuminates a warning light and sends an alert to the the local police or to the car removal services.

This system allows the police to also verify the occupation of the local administrative authority car parks through a virtual map updated in real time, allowing disabled people to locate immediately their nearest available disabled car park.

ZTL synchronisation.

Right of access to ZTL areas is given to disabled people but it is often difficult to enforce. White lists on ZTL areas are sometimes not up-to-date and can only solve the problem partially, as they are only dedicated to citizens who reside in the ZTL areas. Also the ways of booking the passage through ZTL areas for non residents and for people with temporary number plates are different from one local administrative authority to the other and often involve long and difficult bureaucratic procedures.

With Synchronise ZTL, there will be an automatic synchronisation method for the ZTL white lists (number plates of disabled people) with the CUDE Public Register: this will allow all disabled people, whether resident or not, to access ZTL areas without incurring fines.

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