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Movement no longer has barriers

Having different regulations for access to ZTL (restricted traffic) areas and inefficient checks on parking card penalises disabled people and, on the contrary, favour those who use illegal or counterfeit passes.

SIDEM champions the mobility of disabled people and guarantees their ability to fully exercise their rights through the new European model of disabled parking card.

SIDEM services are only supplied to people who possess a disabled pass registered with the EU Parking card and constitutes a valid means to overcome barriers, to allow cities to be accessible to all.


It will be much easier for disabled people to plan a trip or a journey through a local administrative authority which has activated SIDEM. The SIDEM platform allows every user to find the availability of parking spaces for disabled people in real time though a personalised map on Google Maps. Through a GPS device (smartphone or tablet), the user will be able to find the nearest parking areas to the place where they are.

If the local administrative authority has installed the SIDEM interactive signs in the disabled parking spaces, the user will be able to see in real time which car parks are free (shown in green) and which are in use (shown in red)


Educating, informing and encouraging citizens to disabled people’s right to park in their reserved areas is the objective of the PARKING SOS service offered by the SIDEM platform. The SOS Parking system is integrated with the Interactive Sign, and it allows disabled drivers to register with the CUDE Public Register to report the illegal occupation of a parking space.

Through the SIDEM App, users can select the car park to be reported and automatically activate the two functions of the interactive sign: illuminating the blinking warning light to visually show the misdemeanour, and send a message to the local police station or to the officers with removal vehicles. The interactive sign will act as a deterrent and will therefore reduce the number of misdemeanours: the warning light will deter illegal parking and the PARKING SOS function on the SIDEM app will be a practical instrument for citizens to defend their rights.


People with disabilities can access restricted traffic areas (ZTL) monitored by access cameras by previously entering their data on the ZTL whitelists. Due to different regulations, it can be a long and arduous process for a disabled person to communicate their data to avoid fines. In all local authorities which have activated the service of the SIDEM platform, it will be possible to communicate the intention to travel within a ZTL area for occasional journeys or if using a temporary number plate.

By using the SIDEM portal and app, users can fill in a form where they enter the vehicle number plate and time of use, the day and the ZTL access point they intend to use. SIDEM will automatically send an email to the Municipalities’ department with all of the data of the disabled person, the access details and their documents. The number plate given will be momentarily shared through the CUDE Public Register with the whitelist for the chosen ZTL area.

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