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“The proposal of creating a national data bank for the European parking card for disabled people (CUDE), clearly in conformity with the legislative decree 30 June 2003, n.196(Privacy Law), for the purpose of creating a centralised system which would allow the rights of people with disabilities to be enforced outside the local administrative authority in which they reside, would be desirable and would fall within the objectives of the National Association of Local Authorities of Italy”
Italian Ministry for transport, June 2015

What is the CUDE Public Register?

The CUDE Public Register is the national unified data bank of disabled parking cards which collects non sensitive data from the disabled passes issued by the local authorities and shares it with the public administrations. The data collected by the data bank (pass number, who it is issued by, expiry date, number plate of holder’s car) can be updated and viewed in real time by public administrations through a cloud service.

The CUDE Public Register was officially established in June 2014 by ANCI Sardinia (National Association of the Local Authorities of Sardinia) to favour social inclusion in the whole national territory and the construction of a “society for all”.

Why was the CUDE Public Register established?

European Union recommendation n. 98/376/CE has introduced one unique model of European parking card for people with disabilities which will be valid in all Countries of the European Union. This will allow for the passes for disabled parking to be understood and recognised and to favour the freedom of movement of people with disabilities.

The CUDE Public Register has been set up to collect and communicate data within the disabled pass, also by using the RFID electronic microchip, so that the data of the disabled person can be read and checked in real time through a device connected to the CUDE Public Register (using a pc, smartphone, or tablet)

How do we access the CUDE Public Register?

Access to the CUDE Public Register is only allowed through a subscription reserved to the local authorities and the local police stations. When a local administrative authority subscribes to the CUDE Public Register, every disabled pass requested or renewed is stored in the data bankand immediately shared with other local authorities, it can be checked in real time through a PC, smartphone or tablet and,if included, anti-counterfeiting microchip.

Citizens who are interested in this service can ask their local administrative authority of residence to subscribe to the network of the CUDE Public Register in order to register their pass in the data bank.

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How does it work?

The data bank is easy to access and use and allows all local authorities to:

– Manage the administrative process using the Traffid software which, thanks to its anti-counterfeiting system, allows them to issue disabled parking cards with an anti-counterfeiting microchip;
– Activate the services in the SIDEM platform for public administration;
– Supply information services on movement through the SIDEM platform to the disabled pass holders who have been correctly registered with the data bank.

Digital storage of the disabled card data in the CUDE Public Register represents the starting point to guaranteeing autonomous movement to disabled people, who can then travel from their local administrative authority or residence without encountering access difficulties and different regulations thanks to the services offered by the SIDEM platform.

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